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Meme: Comment to this post and I will give you 5 subjects/things I associate you with. Then post this in your LJ and elaborate on the subjects given.

I spoke up in a post my puppetmaker40 so I bound by the rules to reply to her chosen topics. Which I gladly do, now.

1. Being an Oklahoman
Upon reflection, I am struck by the fact that I have lived my entire life in the state of Oklahoma. It has never been an intentional decision of my part to avoid living elsewhere, it has just worked out that when I have needed a new residence or new job Oklahoma has provided. We shall see what the future holds.
I am fiercely proud to be an Oklahoman. I love to see the reactions when people learn I am from Oklahoma. Most honestly know nothing about the state so they immediately classify us in with the fly-over part of the country. In all honesty you could take Oklahoma and split us into pieces and hand us to the surrounding states. We could easily be North Texas or South Kansas.

2.The Current Baseball Season
Ugh. What a season it has been this year! How many grand slams will be hit before it is over? Will the Yankees' payroll actually net their organization anything but more prima donnas? What is wrong with my Cubbies? Can the Halos overcome their early season tragedy to dominate the AL like they should? Why does MLB allow All-Star balloting to start so early?
Things to watch ---
Carlos Zambrano, P, Chicago Cubs: This man is at the height of his physical skills. He is pitching well most nights. When his command seems sketchy he is still getting by with his less-than-best stuff. He hits well enough to be considered a viable pinch-hitter.
Ian Kinsler, Michael Young, Infielders, Texas Rangers: These two should be labeled The Clutch Brothers for both their offensive and defensive prowess seems to increase as the game dictates. The Texas Rangers would be suffering yet another woeful season if not for the timely play of these two.
NY Metropolitans: This team is at an odd place early in the season. I have watched a few of their games on television and sadly they seem poised on the crest of a wave. They have plenty of talent so that once can believe they will suddenly explode and dominate in the NL East. However, I just don't get the sense that the organization believes in that scenario. If they can't get the fire in the their belly they are just as likely to implode into 9 guys playing a game and the highlights will about individual strengths rather than team successes.
NY Yankees: Their team is a mess. The new stadium is providing interesting dynamics. Their owner is known for doing silly things. Joe Girardi is too good a manager to get the shaft if this team cannot perform but he is the one in the hot seat for the 2009 season. CC Sabathia is a rolling train wreck on the mound, so watch his starts only if you dare. Derek Jeter seems to be a favorite target but he just keeps performing at shortstop. The core Yankees are getting old.
L.A. Dodgers: They can dominate the NL West if their talent doesn't get lost behind injuries or Manny-being-Manny. I think the best we can hope for is that the D-backs mount a challenge to keep the division interesting.

3. Favorite places to hike and last place hiked
The last place I hiked was just day tripping in the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge, a bit north and west of my home.
Favorites include
- Ozark mountains in the fall once the humidity drops and leaves begin to change.
- Grand Canyon, though the popular trails are overrun to the point of being unpleasant.
- Palo Duro Canyon in the Texas Panhandle. Watching the sun rise and crawl across the canyon floor is a spectacular event.

4. Irish step dancing
A little goes a long way. Honestly. I just saw a tap dancing class do a performance last night in recital and it was the perfect duration. It's an art form that I can appreciate but don't beat me over the head with it.

5. Farm life
Without a doubt one of the key elements of my character is growing up on a small family farm for 10 years. My father worked a job each work day and came home to work maintaining our little place as well as caring for the animals and plants we raised. As I grew older I took on many of the duties on the farm, including fence building, barn building, etc. and it was through those chores that I learned much of my handy man skills. The work ethic is a strong part of who I am. I have no fear of work and get very frustrated by those who are.
Having said all of that, the farm life is HARD on children. It can be dangerous. It can be physically demanding in excess. While I still appreciate ranching and farming, once I moved away from the farm I vowed I would never find life tied so directly to the care of animals again. For that reason, even as an adult I do not have a pet.


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