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It's always like this
Well here I am again.

Today is the tech rehearsal for Blue Moon Productions' last show of the season, Dearly Departed, and I am NOT ready.

This is the first time I have done any work with the Blue Moon group so I was excited to be designing and building for a new space. My stagecraft mentor encouraged me to work on the show because Dr. David Fennema, a professor from the university, is directing. We felt it would give me an opportunity to work with someone outside of the usual community theatre crowd. In addition, Dearly Departed should not require a great deal of construction and instead be primarily furniture setting, so my time load should not be excessive.

Okay, I should know by now, theatre is a time sink!

Their stage needed major repairs. We essentially cut away half of the stage surface, replaced it with new material, sanded and painted the entire thing. And yeah, their stage walls were YELLOW! So I spent time painting those black. All 14' tall of them. The one curtain they have, the main curtain, was torn at the top so I took that down and found a volunteer to fix it. Then I found that a main carrier on the stage right curtain was broken in a bad way. Admittedly I broke it worse but now it works well enough that you can open/close the curtains. When this show is over I will order them a new master carrier. I had a curtain large enough to mask the back wall in my collection and my mentor had some curtains to mask the wings as well as a border to help mask the WHITE texture ceiling of the acting space.

See, that is just fixing their acting space. None of it was construction for the actual set. Thus, I am finally starting to get down to the details of decorating the set beyond the basic designs the director and actors have had for blocking and we are only a week from opening!

I have this show to get through opening night, then I have The Music Man for the Inspiration Point Fine Arts Colony Vocal Camp on August 1st. After that, this poor man needs a break, time to clean out his garage and get the scene shop reset before he takes on another show.

The things we do for SHOW BUSINESS! Well, not BUSINESS since I never seem to get any pay but you know ...


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