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I survived!
The trip to Orlando was a marathon experience. It seemed that each day we went into the lab there were new obstacles that lay beyond my control. Working in that situation makes ever day very long.

Of course, coming home, American Airlines decided to delay my flight from Orlando for two hours guaranteeing that I would miss my connection in Dallas. The convenient excuse was the hurricane force winds on Thursday had forced scheduling problems, so as it was an act of nature they had to reason to cover any of my lodging or eating requirements. Rather than bother with trying to get to a hotel and back to the airport early Saturday, I spend the night in the airport.

Finally, Sunday, I managed to run 7 miles. It definitely feels as though once I survive the initial 2-3 miles of a workout, my body finally settles into a comfortable rhythm and I can run several more miles without much distress. Regrettably, at this point in my training most of my workouts are in the 2-3 mile range.


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