Easter 2010
Kristoffer sang in the Wesley Choir in both services this morning, requiring our presence in the sanctuary at 0800. They did a fantastic job and their performance was greatly appreciated by the church goers.

After church, I did a nice 6.00 mile run in the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge in the warm 80s weather. I am still trying to recover from some Achilles tendon issues so I'm slowly building my mileage back to a decent level.

This evening is all about BASEBALL! Watching the Yankees and Red Sox game on ESPN. All is right with the world once more.

Time flies ...
Really, sort of an interesting combination of words when you stop at the two. If instead of recognizing them as the beginning of a common saying, one interprets them as naming a species of insect, the mind boggles at what sort of habits they might possess. Dwellers in clocks? Turning their bodies to mark movements of the sun?

But, enough of that, it has reached April of 2010 so surely I have something to say.

Most of my posting has been of the status update form over on Facebook. You can find me over there under my true name Kelly Pendergraft or perhaps with my email address as kjpendergraft at gmail dot com.

I have read through some of the recent Friend's entries and am glad to see that most folks seem to still be the folks they were when I last stopped by.

Spring is apparent all over the acres of southwestern Oklahoma. Wildflowers of the salad greens varieties are littering lawns throughout the town. I could almost graze my lunch directly from the turf.

Tomorrow is Easter and as my son is singing throughout the day's religious services I will be getting more Christian exposure than I care from a group of strangers.

Enough from me today, off to bed I go. Tally Ho. Tally Ho.

Peter Sellers before he was Peter Sellers
Before gaining notice playing an Indian doctor alongside Sophia Loren in The Millionairess, Peter Sellers filled many roles in a cute film titled The Mouse That Roared. Perhaps the funniest of the lot is his turn in drag as The Grand Duchess of Fenick. Good stuff on TCM this evening.

It's always like this
Well here I am again.

Today is the tech rehearsal for Blue Moon Productions' last show of the season, Dearly Departed, and I am NOT ready.

This is the first time I have done any work with the Blue Moon group so I was excited to be designing and building for a new space. My stagecraft mentor encouraged me to work on the show because Dr. David Fennema, a professor from the university, is directing. We felt it would give me an opportunity to work with someone outside of the usual community theatre crowd. In addition, Dearly Departed should not require a great deal of construction and instead be primarily furniture setting, so my time load should not be excessive.

Okay, I should know by now, theatre is a time sink!

Their stage needed major repairs. We essentially cut away half of the stage surface, replaced it with new material, sanded and painted the entire thing. And yeah, their stage walls were YELLOW! So I spent time painting those black. All 14' tall of them. The one curtain they have, the main curtain, was torn at the top so I took that down and found a volunteer to fix it. Then I found that a main carrier on the stage right curtain was broken in a bad way. Admittedly I broke it worse but now it works well enough that you can open/close the curtains. When this show is over I will order them a new master carrier. I had a curtain large enough to mask the back wall in my collection and my mentor had some curtains to mask the wings as well as a border to help mask the WHITE texture ceiling of the acting space.

See, that is just fixing their acting space. None of it was construction for the actual set. Thus, I am finally starting to get down to the details of decorating the set beyond the basic designs the director and actors have had for blocking and we are only a week from opening!

I have this show to get through opening night, then I have The Music Man for the Inspiration Point Fine Arts Colony Vocal Camp on August 1st. After that, this poor man needs a break, time to clean out his garage and get the scene shop reset before he takes on another show.

The things we do for SHOW BUSINESS! Well, not BUSINESS since I never seem to get any pay but you know ...

Daniel Murphy of the NY Metropolitans last made a barehanded flip behind the back to get the out at first last night.

Best highlight of this season. And certainly a contender for the best highlight of recent memory.

(no subject)
Meme: Comment to this post and I will give you 5 subjects/things I associate you with. Then post this in your LJ and elaborate on the subjects given.

I spoke up in a post my puppetmaker40 so I bound by the rules to reply to her chosen topics. Which I gladly do, now.

1. Being an Oklahoman
Upon reflection, I am struck by the fact that I have lived my entire life in the state of Oklahoma. It has never been an intentional decision of my part to avoid living elsewhere, it has just worked out that when I have needed a new residence or new job Oklahoma has provided. We shall see what the future holds.
I am fiercely proud to be an Oklahoman. I love to see the reactions when people learn I am from Oklahoma. Most honestly know nothing about the state so they immediately classify us in with the fly-over part of the country. In all honesty you could take Oklahoma and split us into pieces and hand us to the surrounding states. We could easily be North Texas or South Kansas.

2.The Current Baseball Season
Ugh. What a season it has been this year! How many grand slams will be hit before it is over? Will the Yankees' payroll actually net their organization anything but more prima donnas? What is wrong with my Cubbies? Can the Halos overcome their early season tragedy to dominate the AL like they should? Why does MLB allow All-Star balloting to start so early?
Things to watch ---
Carlos Zambrano, P, Chicago Cubs: This man is at the height of his physical skills. He is pitching well most nights. When his command seems sketchy he is still getting by with his less-than-best stuff. He hits well enough to be considered a viable pinch-hitter.
Ian Kinsler, Michael Young, Infielders, Texas Rangers: These two should be labeled The Clutch Brothers for both their offensive and defensive prowess seems to increase as the game dictates. The Texas Rangers would be suffering yet another woeful season if not for the timely play of these two.
NY Metropolitans: This team is at an odd place early in the season. I have watched a few of their games on television and sadly they seem poised on the crest of a wave. They have plenty of talent so that once can believe they will suddenly explode and dominate in the NL East. However, I just don't get the sense that the organization believes in that scenario. If they can't get the fire in the their belly they are just as likely to implode into 9 guys playing a game and the highlights will about individual strengths rather than team successes.
NY Yankees: Their team is a mess. The new stadium is providing interesting dynamics. Their owner is known for doing silly things. Joe Girardi is too good a manager to get the shaft if this team cannot perform but he is the one in the hot seat for the 2009 season. CC Sabathia is a rolling train wreck on the mound, so watch his starts only if you dare. Derek Jeter seems to be a favorite target but he just keeps performing at shortstop. The core Yankees are getting old.
L.A. Dodgers: They can dominate the NL West if their talent doesn't get lost behind injuries or Manny-being-Manny. I think the best we can hope for is that the D-backs mount a challenge to keep the division interesting.

3. Favorite places to hike and last place hiked
The last place I hiked was just day tripping in the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge, a bit north and west of my home.
Favorites include
- Ozark mountains in the fall once the humidity drops and leaves begin to change.
- Grand Canyon, though the popular trails are overrun to the point of being unpleasant.
- Palo Duro Canyon in the Texas Panhandle. Watching the sun rise and crawl across the canyon floor is a spectacular event.

4. Irish step dancing
A little goes a long way. Honestly. I just saw a tap dancing class do a performance last night in recital and it was the perfect duration. It's an art form that I can appreciate but don't beat me over the head with it.

5. Farm life
Without a doubt one of the key elements of my character is growing up on a small family farm for 10 years. My father worked a job each work day and came home to work maintaining our little place as well as caring for the animals and plants we raised. As I grew older I took on many of the duties on the farm, including fence building, barn building, etc. and it was through those chores that I learned much of my handy man skills. The work ethic is a strong part of who I am. I have no fear of work and get very frustrated by those who are.
Having said all of that, the farm life is HARD on children. It can be dangerous. It can be physically demanding in excess. While I still appreciate ranching and farming, once I moved away from the farm I vowed I would never find life tied so directly to the care of animals again. For that reason, even as an adult I do not have a pet.

2009: The Year of The Cycle
**This is cross-posted from my Facebook account where it originally appeared. I know there are a few baseball fans here on LJ that are not in my network on FB and felt they might enjoy the article.**

Major League Baseball seems to create the mythology of eras for its fans. In recent years there has been the "juiced ball" era and sadly the juiced player era. For any one of these periods, it is the fans or analysts that declare the birth and death of an era, not the MLB organization or players. These are grass roots constructs generally built by someone looking into the statistics of a season or groups of season and noting some statistical differences that set the years apart from past performances.

To continue this trend, I am close to declaring 2009 The Cycle Season.

For those of you that may not follow baseball closely, a player is said to have "hit for the cycle" if he comes to the plate and hits a single, a double, a triple, and a homerun in the same game. Generally triples are an artifact of a speedy runner hitting a ball into a gap in the outfield while homeruns require the power to drive a ball out of the park. This means that most players that hit for the cycle are well-rounded players with the ability to demonstrate both speed and power. Not a common thing.

In fact, hitting for the cycle has only occurred 286 times in MLB, starting in 1882 when Curry Foley of the Buffalo Bisons put his name in the record books. That works out to 286 cycles in 128 seasons for an average of 2.23 cycles per season: slightly more common than the no-hitter which has an average of 1.91 occurrences per season. Looking at these numbers can make one appreciate the anticipation felt among the fans when a player comes to the plate late in a ballgame with 3/4 of a cycle completed. Everyone wants to see a bit of history, to share in a special moment.

Now, with all this said, why am I considering 2009 to be The Cycle Season? Already in the 2009 MLB season, with teams having completed 12 or fewer games, 3 players have hit for the cycle: Orlando Hudson of the Dodgers on 13 April, Ian Kinsler of the Rangers on 15 April, and Jason Kubel of the Twins on 17 April. That is 3 players hitting for the cycle in the span of 5 days! If we pretend that statistics works the way everyone else pretends they do (aka incorrectly), we would project that the 2009 season will average 1 cycle per 4 games of the season for a total of *drumroll* 40 cycles! Well, actually it came out to be 40.5 but I don't want to get crazy and set the expectations too high.

There it is folks, in black and white. The 2009 MLB season will be The Year of the Cycle, The Season of The Cycle, The Cycle Season, etc. Hitters will be accumulating Bi-cycles and tri-cycles. Some player will probably achieve a cycle with an inside-the-park home run causing it to be dubbed a motor-cycle. Announcers on ESPN and other sports networks will be finding new uses for cycle-related terms such as recycling or polycyclic(1).

So get the bandwagon rolling early and get these terms into your vocabulary now. Look cool in front of your sports fan buddies as you sit watching Sunday's Cubs vs Cardinals game explaining The Year of The Cycle that lies ahead.

1 - Well, polycyclic may be a bit too much to ask of sports commentators, but having studied both organic chemistry and mathematics where the term is used, I had to throw it in there.

This material is mine. Do not steal my words or ideas without permission.
Kelly Pendergraft

Oh Canada ...
Teresa and I have made plans to travel to Vancouver, BC 25-30 June. We have already registered to run in the Scotiabank 5K on the morning of 28 June for our first *INTERNATIONAL* race. I have been reading through the info available at WikiTravel.com but if you have any suggestions of what to see or do while we are there I would love to hear them.

I survived!
The trip to Orlando was a marathon experience. It seemed that each day we went into the lab there were new obstacles that lay beyond my control. Working in that situation makes ever day very long.

Of course, coming home, American Airlines decided to delay my flight from Orlando for two hours guaranteeing that I would miss my connection in Dallas. The convenient excuse was the hurricane force winds on Thursday had forced scheduling problems, so as it was an act of nature they had to reason to cover any of my lodging or eating requirements. Rather than bother with trying to get to a hotel and back to the airport early Saturday, I spend the night in the airport.

Finally, Sunday, I managed to run 7 miles. It definitely feels as though once I survive the initial 2-3 miles of a workout, my body finally settles into a comfortable rhythm and I can run several more miles without much distress. Regrettably, at this point in my training most of my workouts are in the 2-3 mile range.

Spring ... it is here
There is no better sound than a radio broadcast of a baseball game. *sigh*


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